TV and Projection Screens
Rentals are for a 3 day term. Security deposit required with personal identification at time of pickup.
  1. 70x70 Folding Screen
    70x70 Folding Screen
    70 inch diagonal 3 Day Rental $50
  2. 7x12 HD
    7x12 HD
    Draper 7x12 HD Screen Front and Rear Surface 4 Units Available 3 Day Rental $175
  3. 9x16 HD
    9x16 HD
    Draper 9x16 HD Front and Rear Surface 2 units available 2 Day Rental $325.00
  4. 50" TV
    50" TV
    50 inch TV 2 HDMI inputs remote 4 units available $55
Reserve Your Lights
Reserving your light rentals is easy! Pay 50% of your amount to hold the lights for your date. Rentals are for a 3 day term. Pick up Friday, return on Monday.
Rental Reservation